EnviroTechnologies International Announces
Extended Foliar Spray Applications with Empowered WaterTM

 Extending the use of its proprietary Electrolyzed Solutions in Northwest Orchards

EnviroTechnologies International  (OTC Pink ETII), a company that develops and markets green, natural and organic products for diverse industries, today announced that it will expand the foliar spray use of its electrolyzed water solutions, Empowered WaterTM.  ETII customers have been successfully using Empowered Water Hypochlorous Solutions in apple orchard foliar spraying for the past several years.

“Growers have found that periodic spray treatments of this Organic disinfecting pesticide have reduced and even eliminated a lot of fruit damage caused by the most common and hard to control fungal/mildew infestations in apple orchards.  Empowered Water Spray solutions not only protect the fruit from mold/mildew damage, it is also effective in controlling other common bacterial contaminations such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.  This field testing of the antimicrobial efficacy of Hypochlorous verifies in the field what has been proven in multiple lab studies over the past 20 years,” said Randall Waters, ETII’s Vice President of Operations. “We are excited about the extended testing of our solutions in other crops such as cherry and pear orchards.”

To facilitate the next phase, ETII principals have met with growers and service companies and agreed seasonal tests in controlled areas.  In additional to the equipment that has already been sold and installed in Washington, ETII has agreed to provide equipment and solutions to additional growers in the Oregon as well as Washington.  Northwest. t plans to have equipment announced t eh Dr. Holcomb received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Southwest Texas State University; a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas; and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas.  The opportunity for responsible microbial control in our fruit orchards is huge and growing.  In the Northwest alone, there are over 200,000 acres of producing apple and cherry orchards and each and every one of them could be treated with our products. “Currently, growers spend significant money and resources protecting their fruit crop during the grow season.  We see the Agricultural applications of Empowered Water as being a cornerstone industry for our company, said Gaylord Karen, ETI Board Member. “We are focusing a significant amount of our resources and talents to maximizing our unique product position in this market.”   There are other benefits to using empowered water in agricultural applications.  Most noteworthy of these being the replacement of harsh chemicals that pose dangers to our farm workers and the environment.  Empowered Water Solutions are nontoxic and provide no extended risks to our precious farmlands.

About EnviroTechnologies International

ETII is a company that develops and markets proprietary, synergistic products for the oil and gas and agriculture industries as well as consumer products. The company’s products are safe, natural, non-toxic and “green” products for industries that often show little concern for the environment but are now feeling the social and governmental need to go “green.” The company’s completely green and natural products are proprietary, unique and highly effective innovations to its target markets.