The Company Presents at Quarterly 2016 Symposium

EnviroTechnologies International, Inc., a publicly listed company that develops and markets green, natural and organic products for diverse industries, confirmed its invitation to join the powerful Water Treatment Alliance, sponsored by Dr. David Holcomb, presently chief consultat to Nissan Chemical.

“Many of us that have been in the oil and gas business for many years have envisioned a change in this highly profitable and necessary industry that brings green and more environmentally responsible products and equipment into the oil and gas recovery mainstream,” said Dr. David Holcomb of Flotek Industries. “To help stimulate this process we founded ‘The Water Treatment Alliance,’ a consortium of innovative US and international companies that develop green and non toxic products and solutions for oil and gas recovery companies. We want these companies to work together synergistically and collaborate to develop and market green products. We feel that ETI and its green products and equipment are a very good addition to The Water Treatment Alliance.”

“We were invited to join The Water Treatment Alliance and present at its quarterly meeting. We have been impressed with the companies that Dr. Holcomb has brought together to find green solutions for oil and gas fracking companies,” said John Hopkins, ETI’s CEO. “The members of the alliance represent the very best minds in developing ground-breaking products and equipment that will move the oil and gas recovery and fracking industries to accept green products that actually help the environment.”