Influential Partner to Commence Testing in Mexico

EnviroTechnologies International, Inc., a publicly listed company that develops and markets green, natural and organic products for diverse industries, is preparing to commence testing its agricultural products in Mexico with its partner, Dragon Xpedited, LLC.

“Dragon Xpedited’s principals have been involved in farming and agricultural improvements in Mexico for many years. They have contacts and connections with some of the largest farming communities in Mexico; and they are very close with Mexico’s representative involved in Mexico’s green initiatives, known in Mexico as the ‘Green Czar,’” said John Hopkins, ETI’s CEO.

The company’s agriculture and horticulture products work with nature to improve and revitalize soil and plant quality and productivity for increased beauty, yield, and profitability.

“The company’s excellent proprietary agriculture products are uniquely situated to have a tremendous impact in Mexico’s entire agriculture industry. Mexico has been a target market for some time, “ said John Hopkins. “We are very fortunate to partner with Dragon Xpedited ra as its principals have a long history of success in Mexico’s agricultural markets.”

“Most people do not realize that there is big ‘green’ initiative in Mexico right now. The government is aware of the need to improve agriculture and natural resources across the entire country and is looking for solutions to achieve this. We believe that ETI’s products are the answer that Mexico needs.”

“One of the great advantages that Dragon Xpedited brings to our association is contacts at the highest government level in Mexico to move our products quickly among the largest and most successful farmers in Mexico,” said Hopkins.

The company intends to commence testing in green houses near the Mexico / Arizona boarder.