Exclusive Distributor Selects ETI to Help Market Green Products

EnviroTechnologies International, a publicly listed company that develops and markets green, natural and organic products for diverse industries, signed an agreement with Environmental Treatment, LLC (ET) to distribute Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation’s (ABC) green cleaning products.

ABC was founded in 1996 to conduct scientific research with the objective to discover and develop innovative and relevant products in the surfactant synergies technology that would provide environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Its breakthrough discovery was product (that re defines green chemistry by replacing traditional and often harmful chemistries with true green chemistries.

“We fist met Bob Chickering, ET’s managing partner, through our membership with the Water Treatment Alliance. ET has been an exclusive distributer of ABC’s proprietary products, used in the agriculture and oil and gas industries and also used to remove substances on various surfaces. ABC’s green products function is to reduce surface energy by affecting the chemical, biological and physical processes of a surface in an non toxic fashion,” John Hopkins, ETI’s CEO, said. “Based on the products’ chemistry, linking it with our electrolyzed water and other of our proprietary additives, will enhance its cleaning and surface reduction component exponentially.”

“ET has been working with ABC for many years and has been involved in diverse industry and surface testing and the results have been astounding, from cleaning WalMart’s ovens and stainless steel surfaces, that are layered with baked-on food and other substances, to cleaning large navel vessels,” said Bob Chickering, ET’s Managing Partner. “As we have gotten to know and understand ETI’s products and technologies there is a natural synergy among ABC’s and ETI’s products. We, like ETI, are committed to brining green cleaning solutions to the world. We have many mature and profitable markets that will benefit from combining ABC’s products with ETI’s products.”

ET has rights to the ABC’s products industry specific markets and has successfully marketed them to many different customers worldwide.