Investor FAQs

What is the company's ticker symbol?


Are EnviroTechnologies International shares publicly traded? If so, where are they available?

Yes and can be traded on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Markets under the symbol: ETII

How do I get the current stock price?

The stock price is available on the “Stock Quote” section of our website

How do I purchase EnviroTechnologies International shares?

You will need to contact a brokerage firm to purchase shares.

When are the company's quarterly financials released?

Quarterly financials are filed 45 days after each quarter and the first quarter end is March 31st.

How do I obtain copies of your annual reports, quarterly reports and SEC filings?

EnviroTechnologies International routinely files financial reports and discloses financial information as per legal requirements stipulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The Company’s filings may be viewed on this web site’s ‘SEC Filings’ section or at the SEC web site