For Agriculture

Activate™ & EO Machines

EO Machines

EO Machines, employing Primacide A & B fluids, are efficacious cleaning agents, removing pesticides, bacteria and other pathogens from agricultural products. Have placed EO Machines in US apple growing market.

Nano-Ag Answer

Completely unique product—nothing like it in the world.

Nanotechnology is not future science – it’s current science!

The Nano-Ag Ansswer is the first nano-based product to provide green solution to the agriculture industry.

The Nano-Agriculural System –makes soils and crops greener, more productive and more fertile.

Crop production costs greatly reduced — and increased the yield per acre significantly, naturally, without damaging soils!

Will change the way soil is reclaimed and the way natural products are grown.

Testing in Mexico market to commence immediately—approved for all products (NPK Rating).

These unique and highly effective products solve problems without creating new problems.

This product helps restore nature’s balance. Nothing like this product in the world.