For Oil & Gas

Testing Partner: Nissan Chemical USA

We have been engaged in testing fluids from our EO Machines with Nissan Chemical for the past 2 years. The objective has been to create production from existing wells using our products and equipment to reduce surface tension, thereby releasing more natural as reserves from formations.

Products & Equipment:

EO Machines; Activate™ — organic, non toxic and green.

Working with Nissan Chemical Company.

  • Use products to extract more oil and gas from existing and future oil sites and increase productivity through green products in well stimulation
  • Remediate oil spills-primarily the standing waters, deep infested water, wildlife and shoreline. This company has been testing our 3 products since July 2014.
  • Down Hole—Fracing Applications: Results—Our products are very effective in high heat—don’t break down.

    Currently fracing done with regular water and harsh and toxic chemicals to make the water –wetter. Chemicals hurt the process, and damage the water table. Large oil and gas reserves (70% typically) left in the formations because products are not effective.

    Our products are natural and green and truly make the water wetter—easing the surface tension and making it easier to extract oil and gas. Our fracing company believes that they will prove more effective than any current products.

    To simplify it—our products make rock surfaces around the oil reservoirs more slick and it is easier to get the oil out. Our products also stabilize the process—oil companies can use less water (very important today) and are more effective.

    Remediation Applications: Our products will reclaim land and soil damaged by oil and gas and do it organically—no toxins—all green. Oil companies spill oil every day and damage soil, water tables and land masses. Our products remediate land without soil removal—big deal in oil and gas industry.

    No oil company is close to green yet. Our contact company—is committed to moving to green fracing and well stimulation solutions.