EnviroTechnologies International Leads the Way

Environmental philosophy and its promise of short and long-term protection is a hot topic these days, with world leaders and prominent figures expressing more and more concern about how we treat our world. Consumers are demanding more responsibility and sustainability from their companies, while industries are looking for solutions to problems that simply weren’t considered a few decades ago. Advances in both science and environmental policy have meant that there are new avenues to look forward to -namely, environmental technology (or green technology). By nature, its main goal is to mitigate, or even reverse, the effects of human activity on the environment, something sorely needed in many areas of industry. With a strong philosophical foundation of making the world a better place for everyone – consumers and companies – green technology looks to innovate every facet of society. A relatively new company, EnviroTechnologies International, a Delaware based publicly traded company (OTCBB: Pink, ETII, www.enviroti.com), is poised to change several industries with its innovative, green products. This company has tested its green and environmentally responsible products in the apple industry and is commencing new test protocols in apple and cherry orchards that will impact the way fruit is grown, cleaned and packaged.

Green Tech is Already a Way of Life

There are some countries in the world that have not only embraced green technology, but it has become a way of life – and their collective enthusiasm doesn’t end there. Green tech is making headway all over the world, and its influence is spreading, showing us a better, safer and more responsible path to the future. While some companies focus on green products, such as household cleaning solutions that supposedly do not contain hazardous or dangerous chemicals, others focus on different areas, such as renewable energy sources, water and air purification and equipment that eases the damage that activities like forestry haves on the planet itself. Some countries and areas now make use of solar panels to help them power their houses, creating more efficient ways to heat and cool tap water and offer cheaper energy. It’s rare that a single industry can change so many facets of society, but that’s why green technology is so exciting. It’s hard to imagine the scope of possibilities that spring from green technology, since it’s such a diverse field with so many varied sciences and technologies.

However, as we march into the uncertain future, one thing is clear: we need change – fundamental change – to protect our planet and ensure healthier people. With new innovations discovered every day, we’re well on our way to that necessary change. Just a few years ago, it was almost impossible to imagine that we could minimize industrial damage without affecting profits and production. Now, it’s not only possible to alleviate it, but in some cases, reverse it completely, ultimately meaning we can sustain healthier lives, protect our planet and still encourage profitable industries.

EnviroTechnologies Joins Corporations on the Forefront of the Green Revolution

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Tesla – perhaps the best­known green technology company in the world and one of the largest proponents of renewable energy. With a high emphasis on solar power (such as constantly improving solar surfaces), this company is bringing consumer energy into the future. There are other companies also committed to green technology – BYD is a China-based company that competes for hybrid and electric transportation global leadership, by focusing on photovoltaics and batteries. Its electric buses boast half the noise of diesel buses and give off no emissions, working on battery powered electricity – addressing the growing needs of both environmentally friendly technology and public transportation all at once.

And EnviroTechnologies International places an emphasis on technologies that repair and renew the earth we farm from – reviving dead soil, re-oxygenating and nourishing the earth to making it fertile once more. Taking advantage of nanotechnology, ETI offers products that can sanitize agricultural products of bacteria, pesticides and other pathogens that can cause crop failures, premature degradation and contamination. Using its Nano-Agricultural System, ETI aims to make soil and crops greener, more fertile and less expensive to produce, all without damaging the soil we rely on for our food. ETI broadly aims to minimize the human impact on the environment, without damaging the production and profit of some of our most critical and traditional industries. As it rolls out its product offerings over the next year, ETI believes that it can systematically improve and ameliorate several industries, starting with agriculture. With significant agriculture testing in US apple orchards, results in the coming months will confirm the effect its products can have in worldwide agriculture. When you consider the impact that these companies have on the world, it’s no wonder green technology is the next big innovator that everyone is talking about.

About EnviroTechnologies International, Inc.

EnviroTechnologies International is a publicly traded company that develops and markets proprietary, synergistic products for the oil and gas and agriculture industries as well as wellness products. The company’s products are safe, natural, and non-toxic and “green” products for industries that often show little concern for the environment but are now feeling the social and governmental need to go “green.” The company’s completely green and natural products are proprietary, unique and highly effective innovations to its target markets.