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The Green Tech Ready to Revolutionize The World

All over the world, people are talking about one industry that will bring us into the future. Venture capitalists, seasoned investors, stock brokers and entrepreneurs alike are looking to environmental (or green) technology, an industry poised to grow in the years to come. With a myriad of factors to consider, green energy has only been soaring when faced with different political, environmental and financial climates and it seems unstoppable.

Changing times leave us with different demands – traditional technologies have started to stagnate, leaving green technology professionals to innovate. By nature, environmental tech is a cross-over industry – one that can have a resounding effect across other industries as well, and that means endless opportunities and possibilities. Businesses like energy, oil and gas, agriculture, transport and more can all be impacted by exciting, new technologies and now’s the time to start paying attention to the innovating industry leaders offering those changes.

The Next Big Thing

Green Technology

Save the planet
Before it’s Too Late

Environmental Business International Inc. reports that in 2014 alone, the environmental technology industry produced $320 billion dollars in the US, a number only expected to grow both nationally and worldwide.

As technology and science progresses, growth becomes even more incredible and benefits all industries that take advantage of it. Massive shifts in the world energy market are expected to contribute to the blowing up of the green technology industry, with Plunkett Research estimating the sector to grow to 5% of the global GDP – that’s approximately $3.78 trillion dollars.

When you envision a future with emphasis on sustainability, responsibility and efficiency, green technology and methodology could soon become dominate, changing the way we live forever.
Companies like Tesla have already shown that the desire is there and that it can succeed in the current climate, but there is still so much more we can do.


Biodegradable and safer for every day use.

Making Household and
Commercial Cleaners
Safer and Better

Cleaning products, notoriously, are some of the most noxious chemicals there are – many coming with warnings against burns, poisons and gases that can harm your health and your home.

EnviroTechnologies has created Clean-N-Green Answer™ in response to this dire need, for both consumers and industrial purposed. Making use of non-toxic green alkaline water, mixed with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, they’ve been able to produce a gentle and entirely safe household cleaner.











It works on virtually any surface
hard, soft, salt or even cold water.

Taking advantage of an increased hydrogen ion concentration and balanced oxidation/reduction potential, it maximized emulsifying and chelating action – that is, the action required to remove oil, grease, protein and other invisible substances from surfaces.

Mitigate Damage

EnviroTechnologies is on the cutting edge.

Oil and Gas Industry Services That Change Everything

A growing dependency on oil has sent that industry into a bit of a tail spin – it seems like it’s impossible to turn on the news without seeing projects that are damaging the environment, whether due to natural process or negligent spills.

The challenge lies in the fact that we still rely on fossil fuels, but as more damage is done, it becomes an undue stress on the industry, creating bad press and hard feelings.

EnviroTechnologies has created an alternative solution, one that could change the face of oil and gas forever. Using only safe, natural and non-toxic products, they have been able to remediate the damage done by exploration and fracking. This not only means that the land is more stable and healthy after the fact, but it has aided in amplifying the efficiency of oil and gas extraction – in other words, more gas and oil with less damage to the environment. By offering products that can mitigate damage, repair damage and even clean up negligent oil spills, EnviroTechnologies is on the cutting edge.
When you consider the cost of oil spills to both companies and consumers (an alarming number reaching as high as $60 billion per spill, some report), their green technology could be the shining knight the industry needs.

When you consider the cost of oil spills to both companies and consumers (an alarming number reaching as high as $60 billion per spill, some report), their green technology could be the shining knight the industry needs.


Protecting our soil and food supply with an eye on future generations.

Cutting Edge Agricultural Products Improve Food Quality

EnviroTechnologies also focuses their energy on safe and effective products that clean and sanitize food, from original grow-out to processing to merchandising – addressing one of the world’s leading issues.

The process of growing and harvesting food can be rough on the land, causing soil to be depleted of it’s natural nutrients, eventually causing farmers to leave behind once-rich land. Run-off from fertilizer can contaminate downstream drinking water, the cleanup costing nearly $2 billion annually.

Soil erosion takes it’s toll on industrial and family farms alike and with poor drought resistance, irrigation costs sky-rocket. Using natural, non-toxic product like Powered Water™ EnviroTechnologies can literally revitalize and stimulate dead and depleted soil structures, enriching it once more with quality nutrients and re-oxygenating the earth. This exponentially lengthens the lifespan of the earth, enhancing grow cycles and the quality of the food grown as well, leaving less abandoned land and better products for everyone.