Our Mission

All over the world, people are talking about one industry that will bring us into the future.

Venture capitalists, seasoned investors, stock brokers and entrepreneurs alike are looking to environmental (or green) technology, an industry poised to grow in the years to come. With a myriad of factors to consider, green energy has only been soaring when faced with different political, environmental and financial climates and it seems unstoppable.

Changing times leave us with different demands – traditional technologies have started to stagnate, leaving green technology professionals to innovate. By nature, environmental tech is a cross-over industry – one that can have a resounding effect across other industries as well, and that means endless opportunities and possibilities.

Businesses like energy, oil and gas, agriculture, transport and more can all be impacted by exciting, new technologies and now’s the time to start paying attention to the innovating industry leaders offering those changes.

Keeping Homes Safe and Clean

There is a dire cry in the consumer market for effective cleansing products that aren’t as harmful as their predecessors and unfortunately, very few companies have stepped up to that challenge. A common complaint for those products that do exist is their lack of efficacy, but many are unwilling to switch back to traditional products for fear of the harsh chemicals and poisons that can be contained within. We aim to diminish exposure to harmful substances and chemicals by producing environmentally friendly and safe chemicals for the common household.

Sustainability, Reliability and Responsibility

Now, more than ever, there has been an increased focus on corporate responsibility and ethics, in no small part due to pundits, financial veterans and media outlets increased focus on the subject. On the other hand, green technology is a relatively new field, and it has many wondering about it’s future as while some of the most outperforming stocks are innovative, investment can be a conservative business.

The Most Exciting Stock in Green Tech

An up and coming Delaware based company, EnviroTechnologies International we are solely dedicated to our foundational tenets: working towards the mitigation of the impact on the environment, while still keeping good practices (for both business and communities) in mind. We only market and sell products that meet that objective, and currently offer products in three main industries – oil and gas, food and agriculture and commercial products. We place a high emphasis on cross over applications for our products in order to widen our impact, ensuring that our products are non-toxic, natural and organic. With a strong management team full of experience in a diverse array of fields, EnviroTechnologies has identified a fundamental need to change the way things are done at their foundation. Our cutting edge technology and sciences are aimed at revitalizing agricultural environments, mitigating the damage of the oil and gas industry and finding ways to clean without using haersh chemicals and poisons. Making use of biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced chemical sciences and others, we are aiming to revolutionize the way the world thinks of green technology, one product line at a time.

EnviroTechnologies (ETII)

A publicly traded company based out of Delaware.

Giving Back

The world we live in is a fragile one

With technological advancements moving forward at an unprecedented pace it is our direct obligation to reduce the negative impact on the environment .

Unrivalled in our dedication we’ve already produced technologies the likes of which the world has never seen.

In an area with this kind of exponential growth potential, we’ve already made a dramatic impact in our field and have begun soaring past our competitors. Being on the forefront of eco-friendly products development that covers major industries and is bound to grow, we are on a mission to make a significant positive impact on our planet’s health