Our Products

We are EnviroTechnologies International “ETI”, a public international corporation dedicated to providing environmentally responsible answers for agrarian, commercial, household and personal applications.

We offer a rich and diverse set of products with the caveat that they are 100% Safe — nontoxic to plants and animals, food sources and processing locations, and our homes, gardens and farmlands.

NanoAction™ Activate™ WST

Waste & Septic System Treatment Formula

Our objective and goal is to not just clean the plumbing but to perhaps more importantly rejuvenate the bio-activity in the septic tank and the septic drain field. The patented core ingredient of Waste System Treatment addresses both these objectives aspects.

As a cleaner

Activate™ WST acts to remove buildup grease and soil deposits in the piping, traps and “T”s in your home and business plumbing systems. This proprietary solution from ETI immediately begins breaking down the surface tension bonds that lets oils and soils attract and hold to each other and plumbing surfaces. This immediate and constant “cleaning” process allows the materials to separate and washed through to the septic tanks and drain fields.

As a bio-system enabler

Activate™ WST acts to stimulate the digestive bacterial populations within the septic system by feeding and nurturing the microorganisms that work to create and maintain the balance of a healthy living septic system. The same oil and soil solutions that are removed from the plumbing are thus further broken down to become the nutrient and stimulant solutions that support and encourage the natural process of waste conversion.

Activate™ WST increases biological uptake of organic contaminants (human and animal waste, oils, greases, personal care products, sugars and proteins). Because it is enabling increase in bacterial metabolism, it also helps to control biofilm. Undigested Cooking Oil Grease and biofilm mass are the primary source of system contaminations and overflows. The core component of Activate™ has been shown to remove line buildups and dramatically improve the percolation of the septic fields, through increased waste digestion and virtually eliminating significant buildup of harmful BOD levels.

This proprietary, Natural Protein Surfactant Solution has a profound effect on bacterial populations that exist naturally in septic systems… The result is savings in money and headaches in managing your septic system.

NanoAction™ Activate™ AWA

Soil Composting & Plant Nutrient Formula

Our concept and goal is not just feed the plant but to perhaps more importantly rejuvenate the soil.

NanoAction Activate Wetting Agent, the natural green solution from ETI rejuvenates soil by assisting in nutrient and biomass breakdown into nutrients and feeding and nurturing the microorganisms and micro-animals that work to create and maintain the balance of a healthy living humic based soil.

What NanoActionTM Activate AWA Does

Activate™ is a safe and green additive used in a water solution to reduce the Surface Tension of the water, to reduce the interfacial tension of materials in the water, and surfaces contacting the water such as plants, fruits and soils. Activate™ is produced through yeast fermentation; a process which yields a blend of protein ingredients when combined with surfactants, form non-toxic, environmentally benign, fully biodegradable composting and nutrient carrier materials.


Stronger, more vibrant growth


Higher quality fruit, flowers & vegetables


Reduces the amount of water used


Improves nutrient content in soil


Improves root structure & nutrient uptake


Creates balanced soil that’s full of life

Nano AG Answer

Nano AG Answer is a new, proprietary product, formulated specifically for LGGF, by one of our scientists, Dr. William Jackson. This amazing product is a powdered formula that combines Bio-N-Liven, Carbon Answer and the Greener Answer plus all of the enzymes harvested from the 3,000 known pro biotics and other vital ingredients.

Powered Water®

Powered Water™ is purified through double reverse osmosis, UV light exposure and electrolyzed to enhance the pH for optimal biological alkalinity. We have also enriched Powered Water™

with Wellness Answer™, a complete blend of essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to help replenish vital nutrients.

Created for people who want to improve their health, fitness and happiness, sharpen minds and support their immune systems through proper hydration.

Tastes smooth and natural

Hydrates the body like no other

Increases energy, endurance, vitality and alertness

Enhances the immune system to guard against disease