Strategic Partners

Zerorez Francising Systems

Zerorez is a national franchise organization, in the carpet and living surfaces indsutry, with franchisees accross the United States.
Its patented and revolutionary cleaning system have allowed it to grow into a large organization. ETI’s principals currently own the majority of Zerorez’s stock and have used Zerorez to test products and equipment for many years, and many of thetested products’ applications are outside of Zerorez’s franchise purview, allowing its pricipals to move these products to ETI for sales and marketing outside of Zerorez. ETI also has exclusive contrcts with Zerorz to sell the EO Machines and other products into Zerorez’s franchise base.


HealthWay manufactures air-cleaning products for a wide range of customers internationally.
Its patented Class 2 Medical Device technology has proven to be the most efficient home and business air cleaners on the market today. Certified independent third party test data supports a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at removing all particles as small as .007 micron, which is 40% more efficient than a HEPA filter. It is these ultrafine particles that often causes strokes, cardiovascular disease and even birth defects. We have exclusive relationships with Healthway.
Projected First 12-Months Revenues: $1M
Revenues Sources: Zerorez and Agriculture Channel

Purity Assurance NW

A distributor of green technologies to the Food & Agriculture Market, servicing leading fruit, seafood and processor companies in the NW.
ETI and Purity Assurance (NW) are providing natural and safe fruit and tree treatment solutions using Empowered WaterTM and EO Machines. Also providing natural and safe system cleaning solutions for food and beverage applications using Empowered WaterTM

Jon – Don

A leading supplier of equipment and supplies for Disaster Restoration Contractors, Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals, In-House Service Providers, Building Service Contractors, and Concrete Surface Prep and Polishing Operators
ETI’s principals have worked with Jon-Don for years and will use its extensive distribution network to market and sell various of its unique green products.

Testing Partner

Nissan Chemical Company – America
A multi-billion Japanese company’s subsidiary in the US. Successfully tested our EO Machines and their fluids and products to treat existing oil and gas sites for increased extraction.
o Laboratory tests have exceeded expectations.
o The Company and Nissan are now testing in-field oil field well treatment solutions using our fluids and products to increase oil recovery.
o Plan to place our EO Machines on existing oil fields and charge for the EO Machines and a per gallon usage charge.